What does Sunny Florida Organics do?
Sunny Florida Organics is a home and office delivery service of organic produce/ groceries. We deliver year-round, bringing you the freshest organic produce and all-natural groceries directly to your door at competitive prices. We have close relationships with our farmers and we work around the clock to ensure that we bring you locally grown produce whenever it is available. We deliver our organic items to Tampa bay areas, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, Seffner, Valrico, Brandon, Plant City, Lakeland, Auburndale, Winter Haven, Bartow, Polk City, and many more. Check your zipcode on our homepage. If we are currently not delivering to your area, send us an email!


How does the service work?
We set a seasonally-appropriate menu each week that can be customized. Customers receive a reminder email before their delivery, letting them know what is in their box. Customers may then substitute items, change box sizes, add items, or put their order on hold any time prior to the cut-off time. Orders are then delivered to whichever location customers choose on the scheduled day of delivery.

We spend significant time and energy to ensure that we create fruitful relationships with a diverse range of farmers to always bring the best organic product we can find, while also supporting the hard-working people that grow it for us. Our organic produce is USDA certified organic, and so good that we guarantee it.


Why should I choose Sunny Florida Organics?
Sunny Florida Organics knows that supporting local organic farmers and local businesses is good for the our local economy. Keeping business as local as possible also keeps our economy strong. We support our customers by providing the freshest organic produce available. We offer the convenience of delivery and customization, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. We care about what you eat because we eat it too! In judging the character of our food we support organic, all natural, fresh, simple, delicious,  quality and safe. We are advocates for the food we sell and back all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Is all the produce organic?
Yes. All of our produce is certified organic by the USDA.


What does a USDA organic certification mean?
The USDA ensures that organic food has not been processed or grown using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. It also means the food could not have been produced using genetic engineering, growth hormones, irradiation or antibiotics. Farms growing under the USDA label must maintain strict records of their farm's activities and are subject to regular and surprise inspections.
Farms must have been free of chemicals for three years before being certified, and must undergo many soil tests. Also, crops must be rotated, meaning the same crop is not grown on the same plot of land year after year. Please visit the USDA's National Organic Program website for more information.


Is the produce local?
We love to support local farmers and we deliver locally grown organic produce whenever it is available. We are always looking for new farms to partner with to supply our ever-growing list of customers. Our goal is to create partnerships with growers that can supply a wide variety of the highest quality certified organic produce. We focus on local organic produce when possible, especially because it is fresher, requires less fuel to transport and we get to support our neighbors, making it easier for them to support us. During the summer, we bring in wonderful organic items primarily from California, North Carolina, Georgia and Wisconsin. We also like to provide a little variety, so we occasionally get produce from other places, such pineapple from Costa Rica, mangoes from Ecuador or Mexico or others items during months where local produce is more limited. Regardless of the source, all of our produce is 100% organic.


Do I have to join to receive organic produce?
No, but by joining, you will get special alerts and several discounts, and you won’t have to pay any delivery fees. Also, for members ordering is simpler due to fact that your information is stored and you will not have to complete the form each week. Just let us know when you would like a delivery and we’ll take it from there.


Do you only sell produce?
In addition to the freshest organic produce, we also carry meat products such as local grass-fed beef, free range chickens, heritage pork. We carry Raw dairy such as Raw milk, heavy cream, kefier, goat milk, goat cheese, goat yogurt, raw milk amish cheese, amish butter, cage free, and organic eggs, duck eggs, and much more. We also carry natural groceries such as, Gluten Free cookies, Gluten Free Bread, Gluten Free Granolas, Alkaline Water, himalayan pink salt, Organic Coffee, organic olive oil, etc. Check out the shop! There is no need to sign up for just viewing our shop. 

Do I have to commit to a subscription?
We do have the subscription boxes available, however, there is no obligation and customers may cancel or put their account on hold or schedule a vacation hold for a predetermined amount of time, at any time.


Do I get to choose my menu each week?
We set a seasonally appropriate assortment each week that can be customized. Customers receive a reminder email before their delivery, letting them know what is in their box. Customers may then substitute items, change box sizes, add items, or skip the delivery.


Can orders be customized?
Absolutely! Our customers are allowed to make substitutions . For example: don't like collards and would rather have apples? No problem. You can then customize it by logging into your account on our website and clicking on the items you would like to add on our weekly menu.


Where do you deliver?
We deliver to all Tampa Bay area, including Plant City, St. Pete and Clearwater. Also we deliver to South Orlando Area, including Poinciana, Kissimmee, Hunter Creek , Champions Gate, Celebration and South Davenport, Lakeland, Winter haven, Bartow, and Auburndale.

Can I pick my delivery day?
No. We deliver all boxes at the same time to optimize our fuel and delivery efficiency.

Tampa area- Wednesday , Winter Haven Area- Thursday, Lakeland Area- Friday.


Can I skip a delivery?
Yes. You can request a single delivery to be skipped or request your deliveries held for a specified period of time, this must be done before the deadline. This request can even be done by you by logging into your account, going to upcoming deliveries, and clearing your order and saving your changes. If items are in your cart, this must be done before Tuesday 9:00.


How about if I am not scheduled, can I request a delivery?
Yes, you can also request a delivery if you like what you see for that week, even though you are not scheduled. Just give us a call or email. We can open the menu up for you and you can choose your items. 


What if I'm not home when the produce comes?
It’s not necessary to be home for delivery. We will drop off the box outside your house, where you can find it when you return home. If you have a special request for where you would like your box placed, please let us know and we’d be happy to accommodate you.


How are the milk, egg and grass-fed meat delivered?
These perishable items are delivered in a refrigerated truck.  We do encourage our customers to leave a large cooler with ice so we can transfer these items to it.  


Do you deliver to other locations besides homes?
Yes. We can deliver to your work, school, or any address within our delivery range. We cannot deliver to a P.O. Box.


Do you deliver everywhere in Tampa?
No. We deliver to certain zip codes. Enter your zip code to see if we deliver in your area. If not, send us an email to info@sunnyfloridaorganics so we can add it! 


How long will the produce maintain its freshness if left outside?
Generally from 4-5 hours alone, so we recommend a cooler to maximize the freshness especially if no-one is home during the time of the delivery. We always include a frozen gel pack in each delivery.


What if I’m not satisfied with something in my box?
If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the produce you’ve received, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will gladly replace it in your next box or give you a credit for it, please keep any inquiries within 3 days of your delivery.


What do I do with the produce box and gel pack?
You would simply leave it outside on the day of your delivery so we can reduce, re-use and recycle! 

Why organic?
We believe organic food is better for our health and the health of the planet. Organic produce is grown without the use of harmful pesticides.


What are GMO’s?
A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is an organism (animal or plant) that is created in a laboratory. Scientist interbreeds two completely separate species to produce the new organism. This meant a corn plant could be interbred with an insect to produce a new species of corn.


How do I pay?
Payment is done via credit or debit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Your card is charged the same day that your box has been delivered. But if your purchase exceeds $100, we may bill your credit card the day before your delivery arrives.

Is my credit card secure on Sunny Florida Organics?

Yes, Infact we purchased something called an SSL certificate which basically protects your credit cards, passwords, usernames, emails, and other information.


How do we contact you?
Email us at Info@Sunnyfloridaorganics.com or call at (863) 286 1400


What makes you unique from the other organic produce delivery companies?
We have around 15 years experience in the produce business. But most importantly, our organic produce are bought directly from the farm, thus the produce brought to your door is fresher and at a better price. Also, we offer a great variety in organic grocery such as raw dairy, egg, grass-fed meat, free range chicken and organic bread.


What is our privacy policy?
Our policy is very simple: we will never share, rent, or sell any personal information that you submit on our site.


Where are you based?
We are located in 1248 George Jenkins Blvd, 33815 Lakeland, Florida. Come Visit us on the weekends from Saturday 9:00am-12pm (3 hours) or Sunday 2:00pm-5pm (3 hours). Come and see the organic items for yourself and especially if want to come and meet us! 


Do you deliver Raw milk to tampa?


Yes, we do delivery Raw milk to tampa, though we usually ask that you leave a large cooler out on the day of your delivery.